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Our village

Arens de Lledó is a village located in the valley of the Algás or Algars river, the town is next to it and in our munipal boundary there are fields of vineyards, olive trees, almond trees and Mediterranean forest. It belongs to Matarraña or Matarranya region and to Teruel province, it is one of its easter towns, bordering with Catalonia and 207 kilometers far from Teruel.

The river

The Algars River in its way through Arens is shallow, but in the vicinity of the village there is a section where it deepens and allows it to be used as a bathing area, it is “El Galeró”, a place with large stones, where in summer it is used as a “natural pool”. Its charm does not reside only in the water but also in the vegetation that grows around it.